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We acquire top-ranking websites in sectors including but not limited to home improvement, renewable energy, hearing aids, stairlifts, and more.

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Sell Your Website in 5 Weeks

We are actively acquiring EU-based websites with substantial organic traffic (10K+ per month) in any home improvement sector. We’re also exploring other verticals and markets like the USA. We guarantee an efficient workflow thanks to our expert internal M&A team and maximized value due to our partnership with leading investment firm Egeria.

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50+ Acquisitions Completed
270+ Employees in
7 Countries
15 Years in Business
250K High-Quality Leads Per Year

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Acquisition Criteria

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Strong organic presence in our target verticals + B2C: Home improvement, hearing aids, stairlifts, etc. + B2B: Telemarketing, POS systems, coffee machines, etc.
Organic traffic with conversions
Growing traffic trend
Organic traffic generated in our focus markets + UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, DK, SE, NL, BE, PT
Strong organic presence in other countries and verticals not specified on this list
What to Expect Next

Our transparent step-by-step process once you submit your details:

Intro Call If we see a strategic fit, we'll assess your domain(s) and arrange an intro call within 1 week.
Confidentiality Proceed with a straightforward NDA for your peace of mind.
Info Gathering Share basic data (like financials) for a precise valuation.
Preliminary Offer Receive a fair, non-binding proposal based on your site’s value.
Fast-Track Acquisition Seamless, profitable transition with prompt fund receipt in around 5 weeks.
Email us at [email protected] in the meantime if you have any questions
Disclaimer: The 5-week acquisition timeline is an estimate and may vary depending on several factors including the completeness and accuracy of the data you provide, internal approvals, etc.